About Cutting Edge Technologies Limited

Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Cutting Edge Technologies Limited (CTL) was incorporated in 2006 to provide solutions for streamlining ICT and Business Processes, to organizations of any size in both the private and public sectors. We provide solutions for streamlining ICT under the ICT division, while solutions for streamlining Business Process are provided under the Enterprise Architecture division. The Enterprise Architecture division provides services related to:


  • Entire Enterprise Architecture Review and Streamlining
  • Business Processes Mapping and Streamlining
  • Business Process Problem Solving
  • Business Processing Engineering or Re-engineering to either optimize or maximize Business Operations output

Our ICT division provides the following solutions:

  • Cloud Computing implementation and support
  • ICT Platform and Architecture Optimization
  • Enterprise ICT Consultancy
  • ICT Policy Formulation and Review
  • Outsourced Enterprise ICT Management under Service Level Agreement (SLA) frameworks
  • Enterprise Software Licenses, Hardware and Network Supply and Installation
  • Data Centre ICT Design and Setup
  • Business Continuity planning and implementation
  • Data Science or Analytics Implementation and Development
  • License Management Services
  • Software Engineering or Application Development for Web-based and Mobile applications
  • Training in Enterprise ICT subject areas
  • ICT and Business Process Technical Event Resources

We endeavour to keep abreast with the latest state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in the two domains of Enterprise ICT and Enterprise Architecture. This enables us to add value to any organization that may be in need of a solution related to either of the two domains, irrespective of the size of the organization or the industry it belongs to.


We Know IT, We Streamline IT.

The present state-of-the-practice is to align ICT to the business processes of an enterprise. The practice of forcing business processes to align to a third-party or off-the-shelf ICT solution is no longer the norm. Our mission is to support organizations to ensure that their ICT investments:

  • Serve their operational requirements
  • Add efficiency to their business processes
  • Eliminate operational pain points
  • Provide an acceptable and pleasant User Experience
  • Eliminate avoidable capital and operational expenditure
We ensure that an organization gets the right ICT solutions. We also maintain these ICT solutions in good health. This enables an organization to focus on its core business operations while we shoulder the burden of keeping its ICT platform’s lights on and green.

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