Our Collectively Exhaustive and Mutually Consistent Modus Operandi

How we work

We are a Process-Oriented Solution Provider

We endeavour to follow a process that removes the guesswork from our engagements with our customers. We understand the meaning of “data or information-driven decisions”. We appreciate the fact that experience alone, rule of thumb, and hunches are not the right way to make decisions about enterprises.


We, therefore, seek to qualify every decision we make regarding our customers. We also endeavour to qualify the business recommendations we give to our customers. We take time to understand what our customers mean when they communicate a support issue or a need to us. Where we need to, we undertake research on the customer issue or need at hand.


When we are sure we understand what is required to address a customer’s requirements, we prepare a Scope-of-Work document for support or consultancy related requirements. For more complex projects, we document our understanding of the customers requirements and counter check our understanding of the requirement with the customer. For technology acquisition-related solutions, we take them through an iterative process of qualification until we strike a cost-value balance for the customer’s benefit. This is the sweet spot that we know would be difficult to beat under the given circumstances.


For technical support or consultancy requirements, we provide a technical service delivery Job Card. The job card lists the reported issues which required to be addressed, the solutions we applied, and the mitigative measures required to avert similar situations in the future.


This approach enables us to provide verified and verifiable solutions that not only meet or exceed the customer’s requirements, but also solutions that do not adversely affect other aspects of the enterprise. We embed systems thinking in our practice. This modus operandi enables us to meet one of our core values, which is to “cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers”.