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Cloud Computing

In the decade between 2010 and 2020, the single biggest ICT transformational milestone was the debut of Cloud Computing. The concepts, principles and practices that constitute Cloud Computing were not entirely new to the ICT industry. 

ICT Platform and Architecture Optimization

The traditional approach to ICT was to isolate the key ICT components or tiers, namely storage, servers (compute hardware), the network and applications, and consider their implementation singularly or individually as an ICT tier on its own.

Enterprise ICT Consultancy

At Cutting Edge Technologies Ltd, we focus on the Enterprise. We understand the Enterprise from its constituent parts as an organization. We know organizations have their unique business models and business processes,..

ICT Policy Formulation or Review

Prior to the turn of the current millennium (2000), many enterprises, governmental and non-profit organizations used to execute some or most of their information systems manually using paper-based processes of record-keeping…

Outsourced Enterprise ICT Management

One interesting trend that has come to the fore since the year 2001 has been the tremendous growth in the data that is captured, stored, and managed by organizations. This trend has been so significant that some…

Outsourced Enterprise ICT Management

We are partners of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Oracle, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. We are authorized resellers of their products and we do supply their products in both the private and public sectors.

License Management

Licenses for enterprise software are often more expensive than the hardware platforms that host these software components. Deploying these software components without expert guidance often leads to license…

Business Continuity

Today’s consumers expect organizations from which they get services to have service delivery platforms that are always available with no service disruption. In this era that no longer puts emphasis on brick-and-mortar…

Data Science or Analytics

There are many organizations in both the public and private sectors whose databases or data stores are like “black boxes”, whose content is not known to the organization. Data Science comes in handy to help expose…

Enterprise Architecture

Business Enterprises or Organizations often start as a small entity with a small scoped business and revenue model. In the public sector, the entities often start with a small scoped service delivery model.

Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling or BPM as it is often referred to as, is closely related to Enterprise Architecture because everything an organization does is executed via business processes.

Application Development

We are living in an era that is characterized by end-to-end value chain automation. A lot of the service delivery points in many organizations are based on self-service processes via an e-commerce or e-business model.


We are a knowledge-oriented company. We seek knowledge in the domains of Enterprise Architecture and Business Processes on one hand and Enterprise ICT on the other hand. Our technical resources have previously…

Management of Technical Projects

At the enterprise level, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Process or Enterprise Architecture related projects are often complex and technical in nature. In addition to the capability to manage complex projects and ensure their successful execution, the lead project managers in these kind of projects also need to have the requisite ICT and business management skills 

Enterprise Oriented

We approach the provision of our solutions from the perspective of the entire enterprise. This way, we ensure each of our solutions improves the business processes of the entire enterprise, without adversely affecting other aspects of the enterprise.


Our team comprises of well trained, skilled and experienced consultants who are experts in their domains. This way, we deliver services fast and efficiently, with the thoroughness that does not leave vital aspects unaddressed.

One-Stop Solution Provider

We address most of the technology and related service requirements that an enterprises has: hardware, network, software, security, ICT consultancy services, training, business processes and enterprise architecture.