Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Enterprise ICT Consultancy

At Cutting Edge Technologies Ltd, we focus on the Enterprise. We understand the Enterprise and its constituent parts or sub-organizational units. We know organizations have their unique business models and business processes, and that business processes today require electronic platforms for executing them. These electronic platforms are the enterprise’s ICT tools and technologies that an organization has acquired over time. We know the Enterprise’s ICT footprint from the applications tier at the top to the storage tier at the bottom. The application tier is the tier that the enterprise’s human capital and external stakeholders interact with. Below the application tier in the ICT stack is the middleware platforms (application servers, web servers and business logic platforms), which host the applications in this era of web-enabled applications. Below the middleware are the databases that store the application data and facilitate the management of that data.


Middleware and databases are hosted on Operating System (OS)  platforms. The Operating Systems manage and coordinate the use of the hardware resources of the compute (servers) platform. The compute platform consumes storage space from either internal or external storage. The storage comprises of either the classical or traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), or the modern solid-state drives (SSDs). All the computer hardware components (compute and storage) are interconnected using computer network systems.

We provide consultancy services to enable enterprises identify the right applications, middleware, databases, compute, storage and network components. We are suppliers of these components, and can also install and implement them to a customer enterprise’s requirements, and then provide post-implementation support. Where the maintenance of any of these components is required, we are skilled troubleshooters as this is how we support our customers to keep their systems in a healthy state. We also provide support to our customers in their endeavors to optimize or maximize the performance of their ICT platforms.