Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Outsourced Enterprise ICT Management

One interesting trend that has come to the fore since the year 2001 has been the tremendous growth in the data that is captured, stored, and managed by organizations. This trend has been so significant that some of the renowned global research organizations started keeping track of say, the largest databases in the world and the organizations that own those databases on an annual basis. The rate of growth in the amount of data captured, stored, and managed by organizations continued to increase as more and more business processes got automated (executed on computer-based platforms).


As the use of the Internet became more widespread and the adaption of social media for business purposes gained momentum, big data and analytics gave the velocity of data growth a huge boost. Consequently, the number, diversity and complexity of the computer-based platforms has grown both tremendously. New technologies and architecture for computer systems have also emerged. This has resulted in organizations having a wide variety of computer-based technologies and platforms, which require management and maintenance. 


In order to enable organizations to adapt and make use of these complex and varied modern computer systems, we offer to offload from our customers the burden of keeping their enterprise computer platforms operating in a healthy state via service level agreements (SLAs). This way, the enterprise’s database and system administrators can focus on supporting the day-to-day operational needs of the enterprise which we take care of the technical aspects of these databases and systems. This is our Outsourced Enterprise ICT Management service, which enables our customers to focus on their business while we ensure the platforms on which they run their businesses remain healthy, controlled and predictable.