Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Management of Technical Projects

At the enterprise level, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Process or Enterprise Architecture related projects are often complex and technical in nature. In addition to the capability to manage complex projects and ensure their successful execution, the lead project managers in these kind of projects also need to have the requisite ICT and business management skills to enable them understand what the actors in the project are contributing to, and where they are at in the delivery of, the ICT or Business Process management projects.

Our orientation to business processes in all that we do enables us to factor in our customers’ business operations in our Project Management engagements. This way, we have successfully delivered projects involving, among others:
  1. Complex enterprise system and network installations
  2. Complex software installations such as the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture
  3. Complex software engineering or development
  4. Complex Business Process and/or Enterprise Architecture re-engineering
  5. Platform software upgrade such as Oracle database, WebLogic and Analytics upgrade without affecting business operations
  6. Migration from one hardware platform to another while keeping business operations running
  7. Annual maintenance contracts under Service Level Agreement (SLA) frameworks

In case you are also looking for a resource person who can assist you or your organization to effectively manage and deliver ICT or Business Process related projects, we are the right people to contract. We constantly research and keep abreast with the latest technologies and emerging trends. We therefore remain up-to-date with the latest state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in the domains of ICT, Enterprise Architecture and/or Business Processes to enable us add more value to your projects while working on your behalf.

As seasoned trainers, we are also effective business communicators. You can therefore leverage our resourcefulness in your business projects.