Smart Applications International Limited


The Need

Smart Applications International Limited needed to streamline the deployment and management of their databases. They engaged Cutting Edge Technologies Limited to address this requirement.

What Cutting Edge Technologies Limited did for Smart Applications International Limited

Cutting Edge Technologies Limited implemented a Disaster Recovery strategy for Smart Applications International Limited (Smart). We also undertook the support of their databases under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract, which ensured Smart’s databases were maintained in the best possible operational state. Under this SLA framework, we also undertook research on any reported database issues, and either recommended or applied the best practice solutions or recommendations from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Additionally, we undertook the development of the organization’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) policy to enable Smart to operate as a going-concern which is also compliant to its industry’s regulator’s requirements for data retention. By the end of the SLA contract, the organization’s databases were well documented, their operations and management were well streamlined, and the databases were maintained at the OEM’s recommended best-practice state and versions.

Smart was happy with our services under the SLA framework, and they consequently awarded us the contract to undertake an Enterprise Architecture for the organization.

Approach to Enterprise Data Security and Privacy on Converged ICT Platforms

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) convergence refers to the fusion and/or integration of individual ICTs in order for the fused or integrated technologies to operate as a single unified ICT platform without clear boundaries between them. Convergence of technologies is mainly driven by needs that cannot be addressed without this technological integration or fusion. This…

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