Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Application Development

We are living in an era that is characterized by end-to-end value chain automation. A lot of the service delivery points in many organizations are based on self-service processes via an e-commerce or e-business model. E-Commerce is concerned with the execution of transactions on an electronic platform, on which one procures a service or product and pays for it using electronic means of payment, with no human intervention being involved in the process. E-Business, on the other hand, involves business-to-business system integration so that processes that encompass two or more enterprises are executed electronically by integrating the electronic or computer-based systems from all the participating organizations.


This has extended traditional software engineering to include different web and mobile technologies, integrated in order to exchange data as it flows through a value chain. We understand end-to-end value chain automation and we develop software to automate any part of the value chain that still remains manual. We can develop enterprise level core applications, or any part of an application that an enterprise needs to acquire in order to address any existing automation and analytical needs. We develop web-based applications, mobile applications or Operating System shell scripts for automating routine system administration tasks. We can also develop additional modules to existing applications. Anything that is routine can be automated, and we can automate it via the relevant coding language.