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Cloud Computing

In the decade between 2010 and 2020, the single biggest ICT transformational milestone was the debut of Cloud Computing. The concepts, principles and practices that constitute Cloud Computing were not entirely new to the ICT industry. However, the packaging and standardization along with the aggressive push for the adaption of the concepts, principles and practices of cloud computing in the marketplace by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) marked the beginning of a new era in computing, in which cloud computing begun the journey of changing how ICT resources are procured, owned and operated.


Cutting Edge Technologies Ltd has a unique advantage in cloud computing in the marketplace as it was engaged by one of the leaders and pace-setters of cloud computing in the marketplace. We therefore possess detailed knowledge, skills and experience in all the aspects of cloud computing, from our training and cloud implementation projects. Cloud computing contrasts the traditional or classical way of procuring, owning and operating software and hardware, particularly in the case of ENTERPRISE software and hardware. The traditional or classical approach of procuring, owning and operating software and hardware is nowadays referred to as the on-premises approach. The on-premises model is a contrast to cloud computing, which is a subscription-based go-to-market business model used by OEMs to provide their ICT solutions (software and hardware) to the end-users.


We provide consultancy services to enable enterprise ICT users to adapt cloud computing. This includes helping enterprises to migrate their applications from on-premises platforms to cloud platforms, or helping enterprises to operate a hybrid platform encompassing some on-premises and some cloud platforms components. We also help enterprises to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) implication of their desired ICT platform model. Additionally, we provide the requisite training and support required by individual organizations or enterprises.


In cases where an enterprise would like to derive the benefits of cloud computing by building their own privately owned on-premises cloud platform, we provide consultancy on the principles and architecture of cloud computing. This enables enterprises to implement an in-house, locally owned, on-premises private cloud. We are process-oriented. We go the whole journey with you and provide you with post-implementation support on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) arrangement to keep you comfortable until your ICT team becomes comfortable in operating and maintaining your cloud platform.