The National Treasury of the Government of Kenya


The Need

The National Treasury was facing multiple challenges related to the receipt, processing and payment of pensions via the Pension Department. The National Treasury therefore engaged the services of Cutting Edge Technologies Limited to help undertake a Business Process Problem Solving and ICT Streamlining project. The objective of this project was to identify the causes of the Pension Department’s operational challenges, and the remedies required to address those challenges.

What Cutting Edge Technologies Limited did for The National Treasury

Prior to the inception of the project, we had, together with the National Treasure team, identified application flaws as the main challenge facing the Pension Department. We however quickly qualified the customer’s needs to be beyond the Pension Management Information System (PMIS) as it became clear that we were dealing with a mix of application related flaws, legal and regulatory framework challenges and business process related issues. We therefore modified our methodology to incorporate a holistic, Systems Thinking Problem Solving approach. Using one of our internal tools and methodologies for complex problem solving borrowed from System Dynamics, we modeled their operational systems, unearthed the causes of the problems being faced by the Pension Department and identified the required remedies.

We then applied one of our scientific methods to develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) action plan, which was the panacea for the perennial operational problems that the Pension Department had be battling with for a long time.

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